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Hue Contact Sensor gets HomeKit, Sonos rumors, & charging reviews on HomeKit Insider

HomeKit Insider

On this week's episode of the HomeKit Insider podcast, your hosts go over new product releases from the past week, discuss Sonos headphone rumors, and review a few products.

This past week, we saw the Briiv Pro indoor air purifier hit Kickstarter. We reviewed the original model and it uses more eco-friendly materials for its filter such as coconut husks and moss.

Signify updated the Philips Hue contact sensor, now adding support for Apple Home and Matter. That way you can use it for your other automations, and not just Hue lights.

Sonos has been in the rumor cycle quite a bit and a new leak says in 2024, Sonos will launch its long-awaited headphones, a new premium soundbar, and more.

Finally in the news, we go through a bunch of smart home deals for Cyber Monday. We've collected many great deals on HomeKit devices and even apps through the Indie App sale.

After the news, we go hands-on with some new products. We kick off the reviews with our favorite portable battery packs including those from Hyper and Anker.

Then we take a look at two new products from Journey. There is a desk mat with an integrated MagSafe puck and a laptop sleeve that also integrates a magnetic charging pad for on the go.

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