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Default no more: iOS 17 beta 4 lets you change notification sounds and haptics

Apple has solved an audio issue in its fourth beta of iOS 17.2, with users now able to change the default alert sound for notifications, and associated haptics.

Following the release of iOS 17 to the public in September, users complained that they couldn't change the default notification sound, named Rebound, which replaced the previous tri-tone alert. Furthermore, it wasn't loud enough to be that handy for users, with no option to adjust the volume.

At the time of the issue's discovery, there wasn't any action that users could take to fix it, other than complain to Apple and hope that a change gets made. Evidently, Apple heard the complaints.

In an examination of the latest fourth beta of iOS 17.2, an X post by @iSWUpdates points out that it's now possible to change the default notification sound and associated haptics.

The option can be found within the Settings app, under Sounds & Haptics, and under a set of options for setting sounds for various on-phone actions. The new option is Default Alerts.

The appearance in the fourth beta is a good sign that the change will appear in the final release that will be made available to the public within the coming weeks.