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Notifications in iOS 17 are too quiet, and there's nothing you can do about it

iOS 17

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Apple's new notification sound is too quiet in iOS 17 and other than some settings in specific apps, there's no way to fix it.

Apple rolled out iOS 17 on Monday, complete with a long list of features and updates. One quiet change was the notification sound, named Rebound, which is a replacement for the well-known Tri-tone alert.

The problem is that it's a literal quiet change. People are complaining that it is not loud enough to be really useful as a notification sound.

In posts to X, formerly known as Twitter, users complain that the default notification tone in iOS 17 is too quiet "even at full volume."

Part of the issue is there's no way to alter the sound. There's no option within the various settings of iOS 17 to adjust just the notification sound to make it louder.

Users who prefer the sound of the Tri-tone alert are also unable to get that back either, as you cannot change the default sound in iOS 17.

At this stage, there's nothing that users can do except complain to Apple about it. It is unclear if Apple will include extra settings in an iOS 17 update that enables notification sounds to be altered, but if there's enough noise about the problem, it could become a reality in the future.