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More Apple Vision Pro environments surface to show where you can virtually be

More virtual environments users of the Apple Vision Pro will use while using the headset have surfaced, showcasing not only the visuals but also spatial sounds they will experience.

The Apple Vision Pro offers users a choice of how immersive their mixed reality experience is, blending between a view of their local environment and a virtual one. In a late Sunday post to X, eight of the environments headset wearers can use are shown off in video.

The clips from @M1Astra consist of eight variants compiled into a nine-minute video. The clips are accompanied by descriptions supposedly provided by Apple itself.

The list consists of:

  • Joshua Tree: The sun's final missives reach an alien field of Joshua trees, tessellated boulders and denuded hills of scrub and rock.
  • Yosemite: A deep winter's embrace stills you in the valley of Yosemite, guarded by massive, granite cliffs and held by the pristine grip of fresh snow.
  • Morning Light: The ambience of an agreeable morning beckons with bright overtones and mirthful birds.
  • Spring Light: Warmth and gold and brightness during the thunderstorms of spring.
  • Summer Light: Summer's day brings vivid light and ocean waves lapping at a distant shore.
  • Fall Light: Rich overtones of golden skies and meandering rivers elicit the warmth of autumnal denouements.
  • Winter Light: The atmosphere becomes blue as ice and snow and the aura of stillness in winter.
  • Mount Hood: An effervescent rainshower caresses the edge of the lake, sending waves rippling outward to the far peak of distant Mt. Hood.

The account also offers other clips, depicting the view and ambient sounds of the Mount Hood, Yosemite, and Joshua Tree in their "Dark" versions.

The X user previously shared the Yosemite Environment on its own on November 28.