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Get ready for a powered-up Christmas with a Bluetti portable power station

If you missed out on a Black Friday portable power station deal, Bluetti's giving you one last chance to secure a last minute gift at up to 38% off.

A leading brand in backup power solutions, Bluetti's sale runs from December 11 to December 25, and offers up to 38% off a selection of its most popular products. This is the perfect opportunity to get a portable power station for your home, one that can be transported for power on the go, or to upgrade an off-grid vacation.

The Bluetti Christmas collection of power stations offers a unique and highly practical gift option, and will keep your Christmas tree lights bright all season wherever you are. Better yet, they may help you achieve a rural-living dream.

Bluetti's AC300 and AC500 battery systems have helped 75-year-old Tom Phease with his off-grid farming, using his solar shed to become energy self-sufficient. Meanwhile Latrell Mitchell, a rugby league star, uses Bluetti power generators to fuel his off-grid Winmarra Farm following a calf injury.

As part of the holiday portable power station offers, Bluetti will reward customers with triple Bluetti Bucks for customer orders, as well as a 5% discount for friend referrals.

Bluetti AC200L: Fast-charging powerhouse

The Bluetti AC200L provides fast-charging without needing a loud charging brick nearby. It features a bi-directional inverter supporting 2,400W output and 2,400W charging from a wall outlet, enabling it to rapidly recharge.

For a longer runtime, you can add on expansion batteries, or hook up solar panels for constant $1,200 charging, even in rural areas. There's also a built-in UPS mode with a 20-millisecond swap time, so you don't have to worry about sudden power outages causing much disruption to your life.

Previously $1,699, you can save $200 and pick up the Bluetti AC200L starting from $1,499.

Bluetti AC70: On-the-go power

A grab-and-go generator for holiday camping and as an emergency power backup, the Bluetti AC70 is compact and lightweight at only 10.2kg (22.5 pounds). While small, it still delivers 1,000W of power for small appliances and gadgets, so you can still recharge your iPhone when all other power is out.

Bluetti AC70

It also connects to the Bluetti app, so you can monitor and remotely control the unit in real time. Great if you don't want to get out of your comfy sleeping bag during a cold night of camping.

The AC70 portable power station was $599, you can save $100 and pick one up starting from $499.

Bluetti AC180 + PV200S: Outdoor Solar Generator Kit

A bundle for when you want to power electric grills and coffee makers while in the wild, the Bluetti AC180 is a 16kg (36.1 pounds) portable power station that is capable of handling some 2,000W resistive loads using its Power Lifting mode.

Bluetti AC180
Bluetti AC180

Recharging the AC180 happens really fast, thanks to 1,440W mains charging to 80% in 45 minutes, while 500W solar charging via the PV200S panels can get it to a full charge in two hours. It's also cost-efficient, as if you have solar connected at the same time as mains charging, the solar charging will always be prioritized.

The Bluetti AC180 and PV200S bundle is usually $1,598, but you can save $599 and get it for $999.

Bluetti AC2000MAX + B230: Expandable Mobile Generator

The flagship model for the company, the Bluetti AC2000Max is a high-capacity battery made for roadtrips and emergencies, with it able to handle anything from your iPhone to your refrigerator. Using a pair of B230 expansion batteries, you can max its capacity out at 6,144Wh, which can easily handle a multi-day blackout.

Bluetti AC200MAX
Bluetti AC200MAX

There are a total of 16 outlets on the power station, including a NEMA TT-30 RV plug to keep your rig powered. You can even pair it with solar panels and recharge at up to 900 watts wherever you're using it.

The original price for the Bluetti AC2000Max and B230 was $2,998, but the package starts from $2,298, saving $700.

Bluetti AC300 + B300: Scalable Home Backup Power

If your home is frequently affected by blackouts, you need the AC300 and B300 bundle to keep the essentials in your home running effortlessly. This includes your lights heating system, and refrigerator, with the switchover happening just 20ms after power loss.

Bluetti AC300 and B300
Bluetti AC300 and B300

As a modular system, you can customize it for your needs and your budget. Choosing between two and four B300 batteries at 3,072Wh each, you can scale it up to 12,288Wh of power.

Recharging is also fast, at up to 3,000W using mains power or up to 2,400W with solar.

The AC300 portable power station starts from $3,299, but you can save $800 and get a package starting from $2,499. You'll also get a free folding trolley, regularly priced at $299.