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Eve launches new Matter devices for your smart home ahead of CES

Eve's new Matter products

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Eve is finishing 2023 with a trio of new smart home products that continue to embrace the HomeKit-compatible Matter standard, including an updated version of an old favorite.

Munich-based Eve Systems on Monday took the wraps off of three new smart devices. A new in-wall outlet, new smart blinds, and an updated version the Eve Light Switch.

All three of the new devices all support Matter, meaning they'll work with multiple ecosystems including Apple Home.

"Eve Energy Outlet, Eve Light Switch and Eve Blinds integrate seamlessly into modern interiors and are a great choice for homeowners looking to design a comprehensive, long-lasting, and energy efficient smart home infrastructure", says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. "Thanks to Matter, they are the most future-proof choices to manage energy usage, lighting and shading."

The new Eve Outlet
The new in-wall Eve Outlet

The new Eve Energy Outlet is will $49.95 when it launches on February 6th. Like its removable counterpart, the Eve Energy Outlet will not only be controllable, but also able to monitor a user's energy consumption.

Both outlets are independently addressable and the switch connects to your smart home network via Thread.

Eve Matter Switch
Eve Matter Switch

Eve's new Matter-equipped light switch will be a bit later to hit shelves with a target date predicted to be in the second quarter of 2024. It will also be $49.95, keeping the same price as its predecessor.

Physically, it is the same as the last model but comes with Matter out of the box. The last-generation unit will receive an over the air update.

The Eve MotionBlinds
Eve MotionBlinds

Finally, there is the new Eve Blinds Collection which is a curated selection of made-to-measure smart blinds built on the brand's MotionBlinds core technology.

These roller blinds connect with Thread and are available in semi-transparent and blackout options. Eve recently launched a new Adaptive Shading feature that will automatically adjust your shades for you throughout the day.

All three new products are getting announced before the end of the year and ahead of the annual Consumer Electronics Show where we typically see a slew of new smart home wares.