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DOJ antitrust lawyers question Beeper over Apple's iMessage hack

Beeper Mini

Lawyers from the Department of Justice have reportedly met with Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky as part of an investigation into Apple's alleged antitrust efforts.

Beeper is the tool that in theory allows Android users to use iMessage and its blue bubbles, without buying an iPhone. Over the course of December 2023 it has worked against Apple, eventually to a ridiculous extent, which keeps blocking its different hacks on security grounds.

According to the New York Times, the Department of Justice (DOJ) took an interest in the back-and-forth between Beeper and Apple. Citing two sources familiar with the issue, the publication says that the DOJ met with Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky on December 12, 2023.

Neither the DOJ nor representatives from Beeper would comment on the meeting. It's claimed that the DOJ's lawyers at the meeting are involved with the department's antitrust investigation into Apple, however.

There are no further details and it is not known whether the meeting was instigated by the DOJ or Beeper.

At one point, Beeper's CEO Eric Migicovsky has said that he was considering legal action against Apple, though he later appeared to walk that back as he stopped development of his service.

The New York Times also claims that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) must be interested in the case, though it has no source confirming this.

Instead, it notes that the FTC published a blog on December 21, 2023, in which it says that the "FTC will closely scrutinize any claims that competition must be impeded to advance privacy or security."