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Apple Pay now available in Lowe's home improvement stores

Home improvement retail giant Lowe's now accepts Apple Pay in its U.S.-based locations, beating its main competitor — Home Depot — to the punch.

If you're planning to visit Lowe's soon, you can now pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch. After years of holding out, the hardware store accepts contactless payments, including Apple Pay.

Recently, Lowe's employees took to Reddit to talk about the change. Many employees were relieved to hear the change, noting that they were frequently asked why the retail giant hadn't yet implemented the technology.

Reddit user DarrenAronofsky noted that all stores should be able to accept Apple Pay by December 20, but only at the main checkout registers and the assisted self-checkout registers (ASCO). Specific departments like lumber and garden will not have contactless payment method options.

As MacRumors points out, Lowe's has beaten its largest competitor, Home Depot, in being first to offer tap-to-pay payment methods in store.