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Apple TV+ orders fifth season for darkly comedic spy thriller 'Slow Horses'

Image Credit: Apple TV+

Apple's critically acclaimed spy thriller "Slow Horses" has been renewed for a fifth season shortly after its season three debut.

"Slow Horses" stars Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb, the head of Slough House, which is a division of MI5. This department is shunned by the rest of Britain's intelligence service and seen as the place where careers go to die. However, it's also where deeper secrets are kept.

Apple TV+ announced that the fifth season of "Slow Horses" will feature a plot in which the resident tech expert, Roddy Ho, introduces his new girlfriend and raises suspicion among everyone. As strange events start happening in the city, the Slow Horses team has to investigate and connect the dots to uncover the truth. In the world of espionage, "London Rules" should always apply.

In July 2022, it was announced that Apple would be renewing the drama for a third and fourth season.

In season three of "Slow Horses," Jackson Lamb's disgraced spies teamed up to stop a rogue agent after one of their own is kidnapped. Season four, which hasn't debuted yet, kicks off with a bombing that exposes personal secrets, shaking the already unstable grounds of Slough House.

The series has been nominated for various awards, including a Royal Television Society Award, a UK Writers' Guild Award, and a Golden Globe award.