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OWC's ThunderBlade X8 SSD delivers unmatched performance for Apple Silicon

OWC Thunderblade

Other World Computing has announced the launch of the new ThunderBlade X8 solid-state drive with better RAID 5 performance and more capacity.

The device is touted as the fastest shuttle and edit RAID SSD, specifically engineered for creative professionals. The ThunderBlade X8, already acclaimed the best production drive globally, elevates performance to new levels.

The ThunderBlade X8 has introduced several key enhancements, including a significant increase in storage capacity, now offering up to 4TB (16.7%) more space in RAID 4/5 configurations. The storage is complemented by an over 16% improvement in performance for RAID 4/5 redundant setups when paired with Apple Silicon machines, covering all M1 models and later versions like Pro, Max, and Ultra.

Additionally, the device features an upgraded power connector to boost durability and reliability. In a design tweak, the LED angle on the ThunderBlade X8 has been revised to reduce or eliminate the possibility of light distraction on set, ensuring a more seamless experience for users.

Understanding the fast-paced nature of creative work where time is critical, the ThunderBlade is designed to exceed project deadlines. It manages uncompressed, high-bandwidth content streams, providing unmatched speed and dependability.

Its mobility-focused design, complete with an integrated fin-designed cooling system, makes the ThunderBlade an ideal companion in various settings- from on-set to editing suites or while traveling between shoots in its ballistic hard-shell case.

Pricing & Availability

The ThunderBlade X8 is available in 8TB, 16TB, and 32TB capacities, catering to various professional needs. It's now available for pre-order starting at $1,749.99 on

OWC ThunderBlade X8 shown at CES
OWC ThunderBlade X8 shown at CES

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