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Zens reveals lineup of premium Qi2 chargers for iPhone at CES 2024

Zens new magnetic chargers

Netherlands-based Zens has six new chargers it is showing off during CES 2024, with five of them utilizing Qi2 technology and one using Apple MagSafe.

Leading the pack is the all-new Zens 4-in-1 MagSafe + Watch Wireless Charging Station. It has an Apple-certified MagSafe charging puck on top that can hold your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation.

Zens MagSafe 4-in-1
Zens MagSafe 4-in-1

It uses a fast-charging Apple Watch puck on the side, both of which are situated above a flat Qi charger for your earbuds. An additional USB-C port can power a fourth device.

Like most of Zens' products, it is made out of quality metal zinc alloy. It's up for preorder now for $189.99 with shipping commencing soon.

Zens Travel Charger Pro
Zens Travel Charger Pro

Moving to Qi2, the company has outfitted many of its existing products with a new fast charging Apple Watch puck and Qi2 technology.

There is the Zens Pro 1 cable that launches in January for $49. Then there is an updated Zens Travel Charger Pro with Qi2 that comes in at $99 with a January launch.

Zens Office chargers
Zens office chargers

Zens has two versions of its office charger that can charge two or three devices at once and priced at $99 and $149 respectively.

Zens nightstand chargers
Zens nightstand chargers

Lastly is the company's new nightstand charger that is designed to hold your iPhone in landscape mode with an Apple Watch puck sitting on the back.