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Tim Cook's pay drops to $63 million for 2023

Apple CEO Tim Cook took home $63.2 million for fiscal year 2023, dropping from $99.4 million the previous year, although it was at his own request.

In January 2023, Tim Cook asked that his overall compensation be reduced over 40%. It was following what Apple's Compensation Committee said was a Say on Pay advisory with "broader shareholder engagement on executive compensation in 2022."

Now Apple's latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as first spotted by The Hollywood Reporter, confirms that Cook received a $3 million base station, plus $47 million in stock awards. He also made $10.7 million from non-equity compensation, and $2.5 million in other compensation, reportedly chiefly security-related costs.

Cook's $3 million base salary is the same as it was for fiscal year 2022. But in that year he earned $83 million in stock awards, $12 million in non-equity compensation, and a mere $1.4 million in other compensation.

In 2021, Cook earned $98.7 million overall, and in that year he first said that he expects to leave Apple during the next decade.