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Belkin will sell Apple Vision Pro battery clip in time for launch

Apple Vision Pro and Battery Pack

Prospective Apple Vision Pro owners concerned about where to place the battery pack could have their problem solved by Belkin, with the accessory maker allegedly working on a clip for the power source.

The Apple Vision Pro is a fairly heavily constructed headset, and one of Apple's efforts to cut its weight was to attach the battery with a tether so it could be carried elsewhere on the user's body. While this does reduce the physical load on the user's head, it means they must have a pocket or a bag for the battery to be carried in, while still maintaining a connection to the headset itself.

To solve the problem, Mark Gurman writes in the "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg that Apple has turned to Belkin to come up with a new accessory specifically for the battery. The accessory partner is apparently making a clip for the Apple Vision Pro's battery.

While details about the clip remain light, it is said that Belkin will put the accessory on sale when the Apple Vision Pro goes on sale, meaning an early February launch. It will also be sold in Apple Stores, making it one of the few officially sanctioned accessories for the headset.

Pricing for the clip is unknown at the time of publication.