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Apple Vision Pro preorders have started online, deliveries begin Feb. 2

Apple Vision Pro in use (Source: Apple)

The Apple Store is back up and preorders have now begun for the Apple Vision Pro, Apple's long-awaited AR and VR headset.

It's expected that Apple will have produced few Vision Pro headsets compared to its iPhone or iPad releases, so it's likely that the pre-order quantity will sell out quickly.

The cost of the model is $3,499, and that comes with 256GB. For 512GB the price is $3,699, and for a 1TB edition it's $3,899.

Apple is also offering AppleCare for $499, and a travel case, which costs $199.

The process for pre-ordering Vision Pro is more involved than for any other Apple device, too, so it's essential to have certain things ready before ordering.

Specifically, Apple says that at the start of the pre-order process, buyers will require:

  1. iPhone or iPad with Face ID on the latest OS update
  2. The Apple Store app installed and up to date

After ordering, buyers who require any corrective lenses will also be asked to provide:

  1. Information about required prescription or reader glass inserts
  2. If necessary, a valid, unexpired prescription from a U.S. eye-care professional

If the online Apple Store sells out of pre-orders, it is likely — although not guaranteed — that there will be stocks in physical Apple Stores. If that is correct, it won't happen until February 2, 2024, when there will be in-store demonstrations.