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Apple Fifth Avenue store getting fitted for Apple Vision Pro replica

Apple Vision Pro in Apple Fifth Avenue

Passerby in New York may notice construction around the Apple Fifth Avenue cube as a giant replica of Apple Vision Pro is being built.

Apple Vision Pro launches on February 2, and Apple is readying its retail stores for the product in more ways than one. Dedicated spaces are being built for in-store demos, but some locations, like the Fifth Avenue store in New York, are getting extra decorations.

Photos captured by 9to5Toys employee Rikki Altand were shared by 9to5Mac showcasing some of the construction underway. The Apple Fifth Avenue store appears to be getting fitted for an oversized Apple Vision Pro model that'll sit visibly within the glass cube.

It isn't known if other retail locations will get similar decor, but that's not the only change being made. Inside the Apple Store, a large section is portioned off and covered with a simple message: "Get ready. Great things are in store. Have a look on 2.2."

Apple retail will open early on February 2 for the Apple Vision Pro launch. Customers picking up pre-orders or those with appointments for demos will have the chance to go through a 25-minute walkthrough of the product.

Construction of a large Apple Vision Pro replica shown inside the Apple Fifth Avenue retail store. It's a transparent glass cube with an Apple Logo inside.
Construction on Apple Fifth Avenue. Image source: 9to5Mac

Apple Vision Pro is a unique product launch from Apple for many reasons. The product must be fit to the user for proper comfort, leading to a variety of light seals being available.

Retail staff also had to be trained on fitting and demoing Apple Vision Pro. Customers will need special instruction and care when trying the headset, unlike when selling a simple smartphone.

Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499, and interested customers may still find some models available for pickup at their local Apple Store. Keep an eye on AppleInsider for special product coverage as our staff begins working with Apple Vision Pro and the new operating system in the coming days.