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How to preorder the Apple Vision Pro

Pre-order Apple Vision Pro on the Apple Store app

Apple Vision Pro goes up for pre-order on January 19, but it isn't a typical purchase process. Here's what you need to know about how to get ready to buy and then preorder the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro is Apple's first spatial computer built on the visionOS platform, and it goes up for pre-order on January 19 at 8 a.m. ET. Since this is a wearable device unlike any Apple has released before, the order process is a bit more complex.

First, you'll need to ensure you have everything ready for pre-orders to ensure the process goes as fast and smoothly as possible. The Apple Vision Pro could sell out quickly with limited initial shipments available.

What you need to order Apple Vision Pro:

  • iPhone or iPad with Face ID on the latest OS update
  • The Apple Store app installed and up to date
  • Information about required prescription or reader glass inserts
  • If a prescription is needed, have a valid, unexpired prescription from a U.S. eye-care professional available
  • Consider a budget, as the device starts at $3,499 but could cost much more with storage upgrades

Having an updated device with Face ID and the Apple Store app allows the customer to scan their face and head for proper accessory fitting. This scan will help choose the appropriate Light Seal and headband sizes at checkout.

If you use reader glasses, it will help to know exactly what strength these readers are while ordering. Reader inserts are an additional $99.

Prescription glasses wearers will need to have an official prescription ready. It helps if you've already added the vision prescription to Apple Health or at least saved a copy to the Files app.

Apple says prescription information is collected after ordering Apple Vision Pro, so the appropriate Zeiss inserts are likely selected while ordering and then verified after the fact with the prescription. The prescription inserts cost $149.

Finally, Apple Vision Pro has a base model with 256GB of storage for $3,499. Other storage tiers or their prices haven't been revealed but could increase the price to $4,000 or higher, so plan accordingly for what price limit you're comfortable with before ordering.

Follow these instructions and have all of these items ready, and buying the Apple Vision Pro online should be a simple process.

Buying Apple Vision Pro in-store

Visiting a physical Apple Store is also an option, but due to limited supply, it isn't a guaranteed way to secure the Apple Vision Pro on day one. Like when ordering online, Apple will need an official prescription to provide the Zeiss inserts.

Customers can get in-store demos by appointment only for the first weekend of February. In-store availability and initial shipments begin on February 2.