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Now the US government is demanding users not wear Apple Vision Pro while driving

Don't wear your Apple Vision Pro behind the wheel

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In what is perhaps the most obvious government proclamation ever, the US Secretary for Transportation has stepped in to remind drivers that they must be "fully engaged" after more footage emerges of an Apple Vision Pro being used behind the wheel.

It didn't take long for a Tesla driver to decide to risk his and other people's safety by using an Apple Vision Pro while driving. At least in that case, the Tesla car had driver assistance — but now the Secretary of Transportation has released video of an even more dangerous example.

The video shared on Twitter by Secretary Pete Buttigieg shows a driver performing quite intricate hand movements to control the Apple Vision Pro he's wearing. What's most significant, however, is that he is doing this while driving a Tesla Cybertruck.

Unlike other Teslas, the Cybertruck has no self-driving features. So he's driving a car that weighs at least three tons, and assuming this isn't a skit, the driver is sufficiently distracted that he doesn't notice being filmed.

Consequently there is no difference between his driving this Cybertruck and any other car. If the car did have driver assistance, though, his vision would still be impaired — and the car could hand back control at any moment.

The footage was shared in a tweet by Secretary Pete Buttigieg who presumably assumed the Tesla Cybertruck had driver assistance. Secretary Buttigieg has not commented further and it isn't known what happened to this particular driver.

While Apple has not commented on this specific incident, it has all along stressed that Apple Vision Pro should only be worn in a safe place.

"Never use Apple Vision Pro while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery," its support documentation says, "or in any other situations requiring attention to safety."