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People are already forgetting their Apple Vision Pro passcodes, requiring a trip to Apple

Optic ID is used for most things, but a passcode is still required

Apple Vision Pro users don't have any recourse for forgetting a passcode beyond visiting an Apple Store or shipping their headset off to be reset.

Apple prides itself in providing secure devices locked down by biometrics and passcodes. However, human error gets in the way of any security protocol, no matter how many safeguards may exist.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple Support lines are receiving "a lot" of complaints about forgotten passcodes. An anonymous source says support staff have been told to advise users that an in-store or mail-in fix is all that is possible.

Other products like the iPhone can be reset by being connected to a Mac and placed in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode. The customer can even reset the Apple Watch if a passcode has been forgotten.

One Apple community forum member shared their experience when calling Apple Support with the issue. The support agent complained, "he's had to deal with a lot of angry customers after telling them their only recourse is to return to the store."

Apple Vision Pro requires a six-digit passcode at setup before Optic ID is enabled. Users can opt out of using a passcode, which eliminates the ability to use biometric options for security and login.