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Peloton pumps the brakes on removing GymKit support for Bike+

Customer outcry scores a win for GymKit on Peloton

Peloton will continue supporting Apple GymKit integration after customers reacted negatively to the fitness company's plans to axe the feature.

On Monday, Peloton announced that it would no longer be supporting Apple's GymKit health data sharing service on Apple Watch. It wanted to usher users into its own app instead.

Now, on Thursday, a mere three days later, the company has backpedaled, as spotted by Connect the Watts. After considerable customer feedback, Peloton has emailed customers stating that it would continue supporting Apple GymKit for the Bike+.

"Earlier this week we shared that we were going to end our integration of Apple GymKit for Bike+," the email reads. "We heard you loud and clear, this is an important feature for you. Based on your feedback, we will continue supporting this integration."

The email reminds users that GymKit can be used for Cycling workouts on Bike+ for All-Access members. It also reminds users that they can use Peloton One-Tap Tracking, which is its own fitness tracking service.

Apple launched GymKit alongside watchOS 4.1 in October 2017. It appeared first in equipment at a gym in Australia, then one in London, before finally reaching the US in December 2017.