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Apple Music adds new daily 'Heavy Rotation Mix'

The new "Heavy Rotation Mix" on Apple Music

Apple has quietly added another favorites-style station to Apple Music, a Heavy Rotation Mix which is updated daily.

Following its Valentine's Day themed "Love" and "Heartbreak" stations, Apple Music has now added a further automatically-curated playlist of favorite tracks. Where the existing Favorites Mix is updated weekly, the new Heavy Rotation Mix changes every day.

"The tracks you can't get enough of, all in one place," says Apple Music's description. "Updated daily."

Just as with the Favorites Mix and the Get Up! Mix, the new playlist presents 25 songs, chosen based on how often a user has played them. "Heavy Rotation" is a radio term meaning a song that is being played very often, so it's likely that this mix is also based on the frequency of plays.

This does mean that Apple Music now presents three playlists or stations that are specifically to do with music a user plays often. As well as the "Heavy Rotation" and "Favorites" mixes, there is a Station named after the user.

Then the "Get Up! Mix" is generally but not exclusively populated with a user's favorites, and there is also the new monthly Replay playlist.