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Apple's eighth Shanghai Apple Store is coming soon

Apple's new website for the Apple Jing'an store

Apple has announced a new store called Apple Jing'an will be opening shortly in central Shanghai, China.

As part of its reported plan to add or refurbish around 50 stores across the world by 2027, Apple has announced that it is about to open Apple Jing'an. Revealed only in a new addition to Apple's online list of retail stores, Apple Jing'an will be the eighth Shanghai store since the first opened in 2010.

Apple's website for the new store does not give any opening date. It just says (in translation) "Opening soon."

"It's a good time for flowers to bloom," it continues. "Looking forward to meeting you."

For now, the rest of the site lists only standard Apple Store details such as Today at Apple. Typically Apple will organize site-specific versions of this free education event, but none have been announced yet.

The first Apple Store in Shanghai was Apple Pudong, which opened on July 10, 2010. Only Apple's second retail store in mainland China, it has a distinctive glass front that looks like a cylindrical version of the famous cube at Apple's Fifth Avenue.