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Apple Vision Pro App Store now viewable from web browsers

Apple launched a web-based version of the Apple Vision Pro App Store on Friday, giving non-owners a way to see what apps are available and newly added to the Vision Pro's nascent but growing library.

For those who are "window shopping" for an Apple Vision Pro, or are just interested in seeing what's new, the App Store for Apple's latest hardware addition is now available.

The new headset-based App Store, spotted by 9to5Mac, is available via Apple's main website. Just like Apple's other storefronts, it includes new additions, stories about selected apps, and what Apple deems as "Hot This Week," among other sections.

As with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac App Stores, the product pages for each app include screenshots that show how the app looks on the Vision Pro. Also available are "What's New" with the latest version, ratings and reviews, and information on app privacy and whether there are in-app purchases, just as with the other App Stores.

Screenshot of a digital store's app recommendation sections with categories like Hot This Week, Business Apps, Education Apps, and Entertainment Apps, featuring various app icons.

The store also features curated collections, featuring apps for business, education, health & fitness, productivity, and entertainment. A recent new app is the free Windora, which can add virtual windows onto your walls, with panoramic vistas to be seen through them — either from the Windora library, or your own images.