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Yet another sealed 4GB original iPhone brings in over $100,000 at auction

Image Credit: LCG Auctions

It's time to rummage through your closets and desk drawers for forgotten tech as another iPhone with 4GB of storage sold at an auction for over $130,000.

In mid-March, a 4GB original-release iPhone hit the auction block at LCG Auctions. The model was noted to be in fantastic condition, with seven of the eight corners sharp, no fading, and no dings around the edges.

LCG expected the model to bring in over $100,000 — and it did. The final sales price was $130,027.20.

The main reason for the high sale price is rarity. Apple discontinued the 4GB model on September 5, 2007, just over two months after its release.

However, the model sold for less than two identical models that had hit the auction block earlier. In July 2023, the same model sold for over $190,000. Later, in October of the same year, the same model sold for $133,435.

Recently, a business card signed by Steve Jobs sold for an impressive $181,183. In that same auction, an Apple-1 signed by Steve Wozniak sold for $323,789.