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Greg Joswiak has given a not-so subtle hint about what will be at WWDC

Siri logo inside a WWDC 2024 graphic

Following the confirmation that WWDC 2024 will be held from June 10, Apple SVP of Marketing Greg Joswiak has given a reasonably obvious hint that the event will feature AI.

On March 26, Apple announced that its Worldwide Developer Conference for 2024 will run from June 10 to June 14. While Apple hasn't offered any real clues about what it will be showing off during the week-long event, one executive has been less than cryptic in his hinting.

In an X post shortly after the official announcement, Greg Joswiak made a post promoting the WWDC news. The Apple SVP of Marketing's post tells developers to "Mark your calendars for #WWDC24," confirming both the date and the official hashtag for the event.

"Joz" then follows up with the declaration "It's going to be Absolutely Incredible!" Joswiak's post does include a hint, but it doesn't require an Enigma machine to work out the capitalized "Absolutely Incredible" refers to AI.

The rumor mill has been claiming Apple will be making a bigger splash in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning for months, with some even claiming some elements will make an appearance during WWDC itself.

One of the bolder claims is that Apple will lay the groundwork to offer an AI-enhanced App Store during WWDC, with the potential to offer access to AI apps by third-parties. Apple has also been reportedly in talks with Google and Baidu to use their respective AI technologies to bolster its inbound operating systems.

As for its own efforts, the rumors have ranged from add-ons to the iWork app collection, along with image generation tools. For developers Apple has reportedly made some AI features for Xcode to streamline app production, such as autocompleting blocks of code and generating tests for applications.