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'Severance' season two is still in production, but release date is still unclear

Season two of 'Severence' is coming -- eventually

If you're a fan of the Apple TV+ workplace thriller "Severance," you can rest assured that season two is on the way — but you'll still need to hold out a little bit longer.

In a new interview on The Roommates Show, series creator Ben Stiller says that the show is still in production. The team behind "Severance" is still filming the show, and he anticipates that shooting will continue through April. Unfortunately, not even Stiller knows when "Severance" will return to Apple TV+.

"We're shooting it now, it's coming soon," Stiller said. "We don't have an actual date,"

He notes that the writers' union and SAG-AFTRA strikes had delayed the production of the show. In January, it was learned that "Severance" had finally returned to production.

"Severance" is a dystopian thriller following Mark Scout, played by Adam Scott, set in a near-future where Lumon Industries uses an experimental procedure to surgically divide employees' work and personal memories.

The series was renewed for a second season in April 2022.

The series was nominated for 14 Emmy Awards, winning two for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series and Outstanding Main Title Design. It also won five awards at the Hollywood Critics Awards and has been successful at other awards shows.