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BOE becomes favorite to supply 6.1-inch screens for iPhone SE 4

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The iPhone SE 4 could have its displays produced by BOE, with Samsung Display allegedly out of the running over pricing issues.

The display of Apple's iPhone lineup is an important but expensive component of the entire smartphone, with Apple relying on a small number of screen suppliers for its needs. If a Wednesday report is to be believed, a three-horse-race has become a two-horse battle after one pulled out of negotiations.

According to a ZDNet Korea report seen by IT Home, the Chinese display maker BOE has become the most likely supplier of displays for the iPhone SE 4. The change is due to long-time Apple screen partner Samsung Display exiting talks over the part.

Three companies were previously competing for orders, with the Korean Samsung Display a firm favorite followed by Chinese producers BOE and Tianma.

The price Apple was willing to pay for the display is allegedly the reason for Samsung ending discussions. Apple supposedly floated a price per display of $25, cheaper than Samsung's previous offer of $30 per display panel.

With Samsung allegedly disinterested in producing iPhone SE 4 screens from the start due to potentially low margins, the price negotiations were seemingly the last straw in its work on the model.

According to the report, Samsung Display's rejected price was cheaper than both of the Chinese candidates.

Of the remaining two companies, BOE is the most likely to actually secure orders from Apple for the screen, despite reports from 2023 that it had performance and supply problems. Even so, the size of BOE's operation versus the relatively small Tianma makes it a firm favorite.

The iPhone SE 4 is believed to have a 6.1-inch OLED display, as well as a new design that echoes the iPhone 14. Current speculation is for a launch sometime in early 2025.