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350 Swift Student Challenge winners awarded AirPods Max, chance to attend WWDC

Swift Student Challenge

Apple has notified the 350 Swift Student Challenge winners of their victory and rewards, which include AirPods Max, a certificate, and a free one-year membership to the developer program.

Apple holds the Swift Student Challenge each year to encourage student developer to practice their craft and win prizes. Participants must be over 13, part of an academic institution or homeschool equivalent, and not employed as a full-time developer.

Winners are being notified by email, and Apple Senior Director, Worldwide Developer Marketing Esther Hare shared the news on Twitter. Participants can also check their status by logging into their developer account.

Among the 350 winners, there are 50 Distinguished Winners for the first time. Apple hasn't shared how these winners differ or what they get for the higher honor.

Apple previously provided AirPods Pro as a prize, but the winners got AirPods Max this year. The notification states that winners get an official certificate from Apple, one year free of the Developer Program, an opportunity to take the Swift certification exam, and a chance to attend WWDC in person.

WWDC will be held from June 10 to June 14. Apple will announce iOS 18, its new AI initiatives, and possible Mac hardware updates like M3 Ultra.