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Apple enhances USB-C Apple Pencil with new firmware update

Apple enhances USB-C Apple Pencil with new firmware update

Apple has released a firmware update for the USB-C Apple Pencil launched in 2023. It enhances the functionality and overall performance of the accessory.

The update, which transitions from version 10M5164 to 10M6060, is available via a connection of the Apple Pencil to an iPad using a USB-C cable. On the device, the new firmware version number is displayed as 37377.37377.16.0.

Apple doesn't generally provide release notes for the Apple Pencil other than that it fixes bugs and includes various improvements.

The USB-C Apple Pencil, initially released in 2023, shares some design elements with its predecessor. It's distinguishable by its slightly shorter body and a concealed USB-C port used for charging and pairing.

Unlike its more advanced counterparts, the USB-C model doesn't support wireless charging and lacks features like pressure sensitivity. Those features are reserved for the higher-end models.

How to update Apple Pencil

To verify the firmware version of an Apple Pencil, go to the Settings app on the connected iPad, select General, then About, and finally Apple Pencil. Here, the Firmware section displays the current version number.

To update the firmware of the USB-C Apple Pencil, connect it to an iPad using a USB-C cable and turn on the iPad. The connection triggers an automatic download and installation of the latest firmware.

Apple's accessories like Apple Pencil, AirPods, and others update automatically without the ability for users to manually initiate the update. It is meant to be an invisible and hassle free process.