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iPhone 16 may come in new color-infused green

The "Alpine Green" back of the iPhone 13 Pro

A leaker claims to have seen what Apple's rumored green color-infused coating for the iPhone 16 and maybe the iPhone 16 Pro looks like.

One previous leaker claimed that the iPhone 16 Pro would come solely in Space Black, White, Gray, and Rose. But that same leaker also said that Apple was going to use the color-infusing technique it did on the iPhone 15, for the new Pro models.

Now a separate leaker, "Fixed Focus Digital," has claimed on Chinese social media site Weibo that there is to be a color-infused green in the range too. This leaker has previously said that there would be green, plus white and purple.

A screenshot of a social media post discussing color matching of a new phone, questioning the aesthetic of its design.
Translation of the original Weibo post with a report about the green iPhone 16 Pro

Safari, Google, and even Weibo's own translation of the original posting give quite varied English-language versions, but it appears that the leaker has seen a sample of the color. Rather than just in a Pantone-style book, though, he or she appears to have seen the result of at least color-infusing tests, if not a prototype iPhone 16 Pro.

"Fixed Focus Digital" variously describes the result as "good looking," and even "beautiful." The green appears to be different to the Alpine Green of the iPhone 13 Pro from 2022, or the simple "green" of the iPhone 13.

Whatever the leaker has seen, the color would be unlikely to match previous iPhone greens, simply because of the different process being used. The iPhone 13 range had two greens for the similar reason of the Pro chassis being made from a different material to the regular model.

"Fixed Focus Digital" has been only slowly building a track record in Apple leaks, and so far typically makes claims that cannot be verified. Most recently, he or she has reported that Apple has abandoned the iPhone Fold, and that the iPhone 16 Pro is to get the Tetraprism lens previously reserved for the Pro Max model.