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Alternate Avengers assemble on Apple Vision Pro in 'What If...? — An Immersive Story'

A screenshot from Marvel's 'What If...?" experience for Apple Vision Pro

Disney is bringing even more immersive content to the Apple Vision Pro. This time it's the turn of Marvel's "What If...?" franchise.

Disney is working closely with Apple to provide Apple Vision Pro users more exclusive experiences. On Wednesday, the Disney-owned Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive revealed that a new one will be arriving soon.

Dubbed "What If...? — An Immersive Story," the content will consist of elements from the original Disney+ animated series of the same name. The show reimagines how various characters within the Marvel universe would be and act if their situations had changed.

The experience will last for about an hour, with fans able to participate in the universe alongside the show's heroes, both in virtual reality and augmented reality. They will come into contact with Multiversal variants of characters, learn mystic arts, and harness the power of the Infinity Stones.

"This experience kicks the door open to the Marvel Universe, and it's a glimpse of what I've been waiting for my whole life," said director and executive producer Dave Bushore.

Further details about "What If...? — An Immersive Story" will be "revealed soon," the announcement states. Previously, content from the "What If...?" franchise was teased during WWDC 2023.

Disney has been a partner for the Apple Vision Pro since launch day, offering a variety of content compatible with the headset. This included a Disney World augmented reality experience.