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One of the last roadblocks to selling Apple Vision Pro in China has been lifted

A screenshot from Taobao's visionOS app [Weibo]

In one of the last steps needed before an electronic device goes on sale, the Chinese safety regulators have approved the Apple Vision Pro for sale in the country.

The "China Compulsory Certificate" (CCC) is issued similarly to the European CE or United States Underwriter's Laboratory symbols. CCC approval is mandatory to have, before being bought, sold, or imported into the Chinese commercial markets.

And, as spotted by leaker Instant Digital on Weibo, CCC approval has been granted to Apple for the Apple Vision Pro. This is one of the last steps that a device manufacturer must take, before selling a device in the country.

International expansion has been speculated to occur ahead of WWDC 2024 — but more recently has been pinned to after the event. And, there have been signs that the device is coming to the Chinese market in that expansion.

The most obvious sign was Alibaba's Taobao online marketplace has launched a new shopping app in the country. As you would expect from a visionOS app, Taobao's offering is capable of 3D functions, and is said to provide a way to experience what consumer electronics, appliances, and furniture would look like inside the customer's home.

Alibaba isn't the only major company in China to be involved with the Apple Vision Pro. Tencent, the country's tech giant, has reportedly agreed to port their apps to the headset.

Apple Store employees are in the process of getting training in international markets in order to sell Apple Vision Pro to consumers, the way it does to US customers. Reportedly, staff have been brought to Apple Park to get the training from Australia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, France, and Germany.