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Marvel's 'What If...? - an Immersive Story' coming to Apple Vision Pro on May 30

Marvel Studios 'What If...'

Marvel fans can step into the MCU and help save the day with an exclusive, immersive experience, available on Apple Vision Pro.

"What If...? — An Immersive Story," will feature elements from the original Disney+ animated series of the same name. The show reimagines how different characters within the Marvel universe would behave if their situations were altered.

The experience will last about an hour. It requires fans to participate in the universe alongside the show's heroes, both in virtual and augmented reality.

Stunning visuals and spatial audio set the stage as fans work to save the fate of reality while living out their narrative journey. Together, these groundbreaking features and more will remind them that time, space, and reality are more than just a linear path.

The project was brought to life by the talent at ILM Immersive, Marvel Studios, and Disney+ and was made possible by the spatial computing capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro.

"What If... an Immersive Story" will be available for all Vision Pro users on May 30. It will be free to download "for a limited time" — though no end date has been announced.