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Apple's new 'Help Me Choose' quiz helps users find the right Mac

Apple's new quiz will help you find your ideal Mac computer

Apple's website was recently updated to include an all-new Help Me Choose quiz, created to help potential customers find the Mac best suited for their needs and within their budget.

Through a variety of questions, the quiz gives users the option to select exactly what their Mac will be used for, where it will be used, and with which accessories. The quiz considers all of this information and uses it to suggest the ideal Mac computer.

Users can select whether they use their Mac for work, school, entertainment, or hobbies. For each selected category, the quiz will present follow-up questions with more specific information on what the computer will be used for.

A student might answer that they use their computer for online classes or creative software, while creative types can say that they use their Mac for photo or video editing. Apple's quiz also lets users select multiple use cases, indicating that they need a computer for their studies, work, and entertainment - all in one device.

Apple's questions also focus on peripherals and device portability, and they give users the option to specify which types of accessories they intend to use with their Mac and where they plan on using it. Some users might use their Mac in a fixed position, such as a desk, while others may need a laptop.

The quiz also features different budget options ranging from $1000 to over $3500. Once the potential customer has answered all the questions, Apple's algorithms will suggest their ideal Mac computer.

Apple's quiz will generate varied suggestions, meaning that it doesn't try to up-sell or force base model configurations onto users. For students, the quiz is likely to recommend MacBook Air models or high-end MacBook Pro configurations for users who require a computer that can handle processor-intensive tasks.