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Apple announces new, expanded Milton Keynes store in the UK

Apple's new Milton Keynes store is currently under wraps (Source: Midsummer Place shopping mall)

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The current Apple Milton Keynes store in the UK is about to close ahead of a new, expanded one opening on June 29, 2024.

Milton Keynes is in Buckinghamshire, about 50 miles northwest of London, and Apple has had a store in its prestigious Midsummer Place mall since 2008. That store is to close on June 25, 2024, however, as the company moves to a much wider space within the same mall.

Currently, Apple Milton Keynes is a narrow, single-front, two-story store sandwiched between Levi's and Scottish footwear retailer Schuh. It's been based on Midsummer Place's West Walk, close to a wider space that the mall's owners list as being under offer.

Apple has not confirmed the precise address yet. But if it is in the currently vacant slot, Apple's new store will be opposite a Lego shop and an Artisan Collective Farmshop.

What Apple has confirmed is that the original Milton Keynes store will close at 18:00 local time on June 25. The new one will then open at 10:00 local time on June 29.

Apple Milton Keynes is one of 40 Apple Stores in the UK. The most recent entirely new one is Apple Battersea, which opened in June 2023, and is also now home to Apple's UK headquarters.