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'Zenless Zone Zero' officially lands on iPhone & iPad on July 4

A 'Zenless Zone Zero' three-character squad

The immensely popular Hoyoverse is expanding in "Zenless Zone Zero," with the highly anticipated title coming to iPhone on Independence Day.

Zenless Zone Zero is by the Genshin Impact Creators. It has an anime style, and is described by the creators as an "urban fantasy action role-playing game."

The title is the latest entrant in the Hoyoverse, where the modern day is under assault from a supernatural disaster. Gameplay is in a squad-based 3D world, with action and role-play elements.

In a role-reversal, the players are the companions, joining forces with computer controlled heroes.

The game was revealed in May 2022, and has gone through two years of beta testing.

Players who choose to pre-register on the game's website can earn some free consumables and a character to play in the game. And, starting on July 4, 2024, code "ZZZFREE100" will also give players more consumables delivered to the in-game mailbox.

While free-to-play like Honkai Star Rail — which is also in the Hoyoverse — and other similar titles, there will be significant amounts of downloadable content and paid consumables.

Pre-downloads for supported platforms will be available on July 2, and there is an App Store page already established. The tile will be playable on July 4 on PlayStation 5, Windows, Android, iOS, and iPadOS.