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Vision Hack hackathon wants to help expand the Apple Vision Pro's tiny app library

Vision Hack, a global visionOS hackathon

Billed as the first global visionOS hackathon, Vision Hack aims to help developers produce apps and games, so Apple Vision Pro users will finally get their killer app.

One of the problems of new platforms like the Apple Vision Pro is an initial lack of apps. While that's a problem that can be solved with time, and by enabling iPad apps to work on the platform, a hackathon is planning to speed up the process.

Due to take place on September 13 to September 15, Vision Hack is an a bid to try and encourage development on visionOS. The event intends to have developers working together to rapidly create new apps.

Operating fully remotely and using both Spatial Personas and Discord, participants will have just 48 hours to collaborate on an idea. They then have to cobble together an app, ready to be shown off to judges after the development time concludes.

The hackathon is open to individuals or teams of up to five people, with a payable registration fee of $25. While it is intended to be fully remote, the organizers are open to public meetups of teams in cities around the world.

While there will be judging and prizes, details of the criteria and the prize list will be revealed in August.

Vision Hack is presented by Matt Hoerl of Beautiful Things and Cosmo Scharf of visionOS Dev Partners, as well as Brian Boyd Jr. The group has previously worked on VRLA, the world's largest VR expo, two Metaverse Hacks each with over half a million dollars in prizes, and a number of Series A XR startups.