Michael Stroup

Deals Specialist

Michael Stroup is based in the foothills of Colorado and is only a couple hours’ drive from a veritable wonderland of outdoor activity. His previous writing credits include a position as a senior writer with HotCars writing about everything with an engine. He currently contributes as a ghostwriter for tech companies and organizations providing business software solutions.


As a long-time Apple nerd, Michael has a low-key addiction to anything with the iconic logo. He started his fascination with the first iPod Shuffle nearly two decades ago and now extends to the complete ecosystem of products in the current lineup. 


Although Michael is an Apple fan, he has experience with Android and Windows and doesn’t judge against other smart devices. 


In his free time, you can find Michael pursuing a passion for film photography as an artistic outlet. Otherwise, you’re likely to run into Michael with a snowboard at any of the various ski resorts or camping when the weather is nice.