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Best 2022 iPhone SE 3 cases: Apple, OtterBox, Totallee & more

The best iPhone SE cases include options from Apple, OtterBox, Totallee and more.

If you're planning on purchasing an iPhone SE 3, make sure to grab the perfect phone case to protect your new purchase. Here are our favorite choices, from clear to rugged and everything in between.

iPhone SE 3 cases are plentiful, with a variety of decorative options and many that offer rugged protection that can keep your phone safe even from significant drops. But not all of them are made the same. Be sure the case you choose meets your unique needs, be it a reliable clear case that won't yellow or a stylish, yet functional option that you can match to your phone.

Which iPhone SE 3 case is right for you? We've rounded up the best iPhone SE 3 cases you can find that work for all budgets.

If you're in the market for a new iPhone SE 3 case to protect your new device, here are our top picks, broken down by category.

Best all-around case

2022 Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case in Midnight
The Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case in Midnight

Apple knows how to create cases that not only protect the devices it manufactures, but keeps them looking attractive and modern. For that reason, the Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case is an excellent option. It's crafted specifically to fit the new iPhone SE like a glove, while the soft silicone keeps your phone safe from scuffs, scratches, and falls.

It's lightweight, easy to swap out with a new color if you so choose, and it's readily available. It comes in four hues: Chalk Pink, Abyss Blue, Midnight, and (Product) Red.

You can purchase the Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case via Amazon for $35.

Best tough case

OtterBox Defender Series Pro is a rugged case for the 2022 iPhone SE
The OtterBox Defender Series Pro in Big Sur Blue

The OtterBox Defender Series Pro line is all about keeping your phone safe, whether that's from everyday scuffs and smudges or tumbles from your pocket. It features a rugged design with outer ridges, a built-in screen protector, and a multi-function holster so you can keep your phone at your hip whenever you need it. It comes in four hues: Big Sur Blue, Black, Purple Nebula, and Dark Lake Blue.

You can purchase the OtterBox Defender Series Pro via OtterBox for $59.95.

Best slim case

Totallee Thin iPhone SE 3 case in Frosted Black
The Totallee Thin iPhone SE case in Frosted Black

If you're someone who prefers to show off your phone rather than keep it wrapped up in a thick case, Totallee's line of slim options is for you. The Totallee Thin iPhone SE case envelops your phone in ultra-thin, 0.02-inch plastic with zero bulk or branding.

It's extremely lightweight, so much so that it feels like there's nothing on your phone. It still covers every inch, and includes a raised camera ring for added protection without the extra plastic. This one is definitely for the minimalists. The Totallee Thin iPhone SE Case in Clear, Frosted Black, and Frosted Clear.

You can purchase the Totallee Thin iPhone SE case on Amazon for $39. Plus, save 30% on Totallee's iPhone SE cases on Amazon with promo code SAVE30SE.

Best value case

Caseology Parallax iPhone SE Case in Red
The Caseology Parallax Case in Red

You don't need to break the bank to outfit your iPhone SE 3 with a reliable case. The Caseology Parallax case for iPhone SE 3 is an affordable favorite that includes a distinct patterned body. Clad with a double bumper exterior that's crafted from military-grade materials, it's as eye-catching as it is rugged.

It supports wireless charging and is compatible with any screen protector. It's an excellent option for anyone looking to express themselves via their favorite colors too. Choose from Red, Burgundy, Coral Pink, Matte Black, Navy Blue, or Aqua Green.

You can purchase the Caseology Parallax case on Amazon for $15.99 right now, down from $24.99 while supplies last.

Best clear case

Spigen Liquid Crystal case for the Apple iPhone SE
The Spigen Liquid Crystal case for the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE 3 is a great-looking device on its own, and doesn't really need any additional accoutrements to turn heads. If you want to go au natural, so to speak, but want to make sure your new phone stays safe, a clear case is the way to go.

Spigen's Liquid Crystal case is nothing but completely transparent goodness. This durable case is crafted from TPU that's thin enough to be unobtrusive, yet thick enough to keep your phone from the elements. It includes reinforced buttons to ensure you can get to everything you need while protecting the rest of your phone. Best of all, it's very affordable, so you can pick up a few if you'd like.

You can purchase the Spigen Liquid Crystal case on Amazon for $12.99 right now.

Best case with kickstand

The ESR Metal Kickstand case for iPhone SE 3
The ESR Metal Kickstand case for iPhone SE 3

One great boon that comes with having a smartphone is being able to enjoy your favorite media anywhere. But holding your phone can be a pain. That's where kickstand cases come in. The ESR Metal Kickstand case for iPhone SE 3 is a great, functional way to protect your phone while watching your favorite content, hands-free.

It's a slick, clear case that's minimal but rugged, with a convenient metal kickstand that slides out along the side of the case and to the back so you can have an impromptu viewing session. Plus, if you happen to drop your phone, the case's special Air Guard corners will help keep those pesky dents and cracks away.

You can purchase the ESR Metal Kickstand case for the iPhone SE 3 for $14.99 on Amazon right now.