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Topic: China Unicom

Dell, Apple look to compete in Chinese smartphone market

08/17/2009, 03:08 pm

Dell unveiled Monday a prototype of its upcoming cell phone in China, as both it and Apple hope to launch competing smartphones in the nation very soon.


China Unicom denies deal with Apple, purchase of iPhones

08/14/2009, 09:08 am

An official with China Unicom confirmed the company is in talks with Apple to be the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the nation of over one billion, but denied a report that the company purchased 5 million iPhones.


Apple sells 5 million iPhones to China Unicom

08/13/2009, 08:08 am

China Unicom intends to sell it first iPhones in September, and has purchased $1.46 billion worth of the devices from Apple, according to new reports.


Apple evaluated 4- to 12-inch tablet screens - report

08/04/2009, 01:08 pm

Apple has reportedly purchased a number of screens -- ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches in size -- over the last few years, as it explores its possible entry into the tablet and sub-notebook market, according to a financial analyst.


New China Unicom iPhone model, sans Wi-Fi, given approval

07/31/2009, 08:07 am

Reports of regulatory approval of a new model of the iPhone in China seem to confirm that Apple's hardware will appear on the China Unicom network, and also suggest that a new model was created for the country of over 1 billion.


Conflicting reports on China Unicom 3-year iPhone deal

07/28/2009, 08:07 am

A Shanghai newspaper reports Apple has reached a three year exclusive agreement with China Unicom to market the iPhone, though company officials say a deal is not yet official.


Apple nears wireless license for iPhone in China

07/10/2009, 11:07 pm

Apple may have finally cleared a hurdle in bringing the iPhone to China as it has reportedly applied for a Network Access License in the Asian country, putting a release just a few months away -- albeit without Wi-Fi.


China Unicom leading the pack for iPhone deal

07/06/2009, 05:07 pm

In the tug-of-war that has kept the iPhone out of China in the two years since it's been on the market, China Unicom is purportedly closest to reach a deal but still faces an attack from dominant carrier China Mobile.


Apple execs disclose options for boosting iPhone market share

05/15/2009, 02:05 pm

Apple executives said this week they believe the iPhone remains in its infancy and went on to -- somewhat uncharacteristically -- reveal a series of strategic measures they may employ in the near term to help grow the handset's share of the booming smartphone market.


iPhone information appears on China Unicom website

03/24/2009, 11:03 am

Photos and specifications for the iPhone have been posted on the website of wireless carrier China Unicom, a sign that Apple may finally be ready to enter the world's largest cell phone market.


China Mobile says it's still in iPhone talks

03/19/2009, 12:03 pm

Despite prior negotiations repeatedly breaking down, the world's largest mobile phone network operator says it's still negotiating with Apple to bring the iPhone to China.