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Topic: Future Hardware

Apple to release new 13-inch MacBook Pro in May, leaker claims

04/06/2020, 06:04 am

Apple could still be preparing to refresh the 13-inch MacBook Pro in May, a leaker claims, which could get a 14-inch display without dramatically altering the overall physical size.


'iPhone 12 Pro' may add LiDAR sensor to triple rear camera bump

04/05/2020, 06:04 pm

The "iPhone 12 Pro" may update the layout of its rear camera, an image leak suggests, with the addition of LiDAR to the back of the iPhone prompting a repositioning of lenses within the square camera bump.


Everything known about Apple's AirTags

04/03/2020, 12:04 pm

There has been a lot said about Apple's forthcoming AirTags in the last six months, including what we'll be able to do with them and how we'll do it once they're in our hands.


Apple wants an iPhone that doesn't just survive underwater, but is usable there

04/02/2020, 12:04 pm

Future iPads and iPhones could adapt to actually being used underwater, and a new way to sense orientation using the Face ID camera could see display rotation guided by the angle of your face in relation to the device.


Future iPhone could talk vision impaired through taking a good photo

04/02/2020, 09:04 am

Apple's iOS may get enhanced accessibility features that allow a device to audibly describe a scene captured by the camera, or present tactile feedback to enable people with low or no vision to take good photos.


Apple researching trackpad & gesture combo for controlling AR

04/02/2020, 06:04 am

Rather than attempting to manipulate AR objects through gloves or a game controller, a peripheral like a trackpad could allow users to select and manipulate what they see in front of them.


5G 'iPhone 12' on track for fall launch, says Foxconn

04/01/2020, 09:04 am

Foxconn has told investors that the upcoming "iPhone 12" will be ready for its rumored fall release date in a private call it held with Goldman Sachs.


Apple now rumored to announce 'iPhone SE 2' on April 15

03/31/2020, 12:03 pm

Further rumors say that Apple is provisionally planning to announce the "iPhone SE 2," or what may be called the "iPhone 9", in mid-April, with shipping from April 22.


iPad Pro, iPadOS & iOS 13.4 with trackpad support and more on the AppleInsider Podcast

03/27/2020, 08:03 am

This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, hosts Stephen Robles and William Gallagher discuss the new mouse and trackpad support in iPadOS 13.4, new iPad Pro benchmarks, iCloud folder sharing, Face ID coming to the Mac, and tips for live streaming from home.


Apple to debut multiple ARM MacBook, desktop models in 2021

03/26/2020, 11:03 pm

Apple is predicted to integrate its custom ARM processors into multiple Mac models in 2021, with designs spanning both Mac desktops and MacBooks, according to TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


Apple investigating reinforced plastic as case material for future Apple Watch

03/26/2020, 07:03 am

While the device's chief components would remain the same, future Apple Watches may come with a housing that is made in part from plastic and ceramic fibers.


Apple planning Face ID for MacBook Pro and iMac -- plus a notch

03/26/2020, 07:03 am

Apple intends to bring the Face ID biometric authentication system introduced with the iPhone, to its Mac range, including both portables and desktops.


Magic Keyboard coming to 13-inch MacBook Pro, supply chain rumors suggest

03/25/2020, 07:03 am

Supply chain reports from component suppliers claim that an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro will add Apple's new scissor-style keyboard, but there may not be an often-rumored screen size increase any time soon.


Apple Car solar panel technology could also be used in Apple Watch, iPhone case

03/24/2020, 07:03 am

Apple's future car may have photovoltaic solar panels on the roof to maximize range and idle charging speed, but it may not stop there. The company believes that an extension of the technology would be well-suited to the Apple Watch, the iPhone, and other device cases.


A rollable iPhone won't break at the hinge, and Apple is working on one

03/24/2020, 07:03 am

To combat the common failure at the hinge that existing folding smartphones commonly suffer from, Apple is looking at how to make iPhone screens that can be rolled out when needed, and rolled back up when not.


Apple rumored to be 'prototyping' revamped AirPower charging mat

03/23/2020, 05:03 am

Despite previously cancelling the planned AirPower charging mat, an unsubstantiated new rumor claims that Apple is revisiting the idea, and is even at the prototyping stage.


Apple to use mini LED backlighting in late 2020 iPad Pro

03/20/2020, 07:03 am

Doubling down on previous reports, supply chain sources say that Apple plans to move to using mini LED display technology in its next iPad Pro, due in the fourth quarter of 2020.


Apple aiming for immaculate images in AR glasses & VR headset

03/19/2020, 01:03 pm

From optimizing images, and replicating physical controllers within Virtual or Augmented Reality, to ensuring perfect audio, it's all in Apple's latest published work encompassing its rumored head-mounted display or AR glasses.


Apple Pencil may add Touch Bar-like display with see-through effect

03/19/2020, 09:03 am

Glass incorporated into a future Apple Pencil may add Touch Bar-like controls to the device, and also display a view of the drawing that it would normally block from the user.


Radar in future HomePods could ID users, monitor some health parameters

03/19/2020, 06:03 am

Apple devices including HomePod may get the ability to detect the nearby location of a user, act on their gestures, and determine which user it is -- plus use this information to make health assessments.