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Topic: HTC

Google cancels Verizon Nexus One, BlackBerry 6 coming Q3 2010

04/26/2010, 02:04 pm

Google on Monday revealed that it has canceled its HTC-manufactured Nexus One smartphone for Verizon in the U.S. In addition, Research in Motion announced that BlackBerry 6, its next mobile operating system, will be available in the next calendar quarter.


Palm dumps Pre ad agency, T-Mobile offers $350 for iPhones

04/07/2010, 03:04 pm

Palm this week parted ways with the ad agency that produced its widely panned advertising campaign for the Pre smartphone. And U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile is offering up to $350 for iPhone trade-ins for new customers who switch to the HTC HD2.


HTC says Apple's patent suit has not affected its operations

04/02/2010, 03:04 pm

The fact that the U.S. International Trade Commission has agreed to look into Apple's claims of patent infringement against HTC has not fazed the Taiwanese handset maker, its president said Friday.


ITC agrees to investigate Apple's patent suit against HTC

04/01/2010, 02:04 pm

The U.S. International Trade Commission has agreed to review Apple's allegations of patent violations from rival handset maker HTC, the domestic trade agency announced this week.


Robotic test reconfirms Apple's iPhone touchscreen superiority

03/24/2010, 02:03 pm

A new test of touchscreen smartphones with a precise laboratory robot has confirmed what a human test already concluded: Apple's iPhone touchscreen is far and away the most accurate touch panel on the market.


Confident HTC says no plans to back down from Apple lawsuit

03/18/2010, 09:03 am

Apple rival HTC on Thursday issued its first official remarks on a lawsuit filed against it by the iPhone maker, saying it "disagrees" with the claims and is fully prepared to defend its reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the smartphone sector.


Microsoft exec says Apple's HTC suit 'is not necessarily a bad thing'

03/15/2010, 09:03 am

Even though Windows Mobile handsets are named in Apple's lawsuit against smartphone maker HTC, one Microsoft executive recently stated that the suit might help to sort out intellectual property ownership issues.


Open source community 'hopelessly confused' by Apple-HTC suit

03/12/2010, 10:03 am

Analyst Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company said Friday he believes the open source community, which has backed Google's Android mobile operating system against the iPhone, has the wrong take on Apple's patent lawsuit against rival handset maker HTC.


Former Sun CEO: Steve Jobs threatened to sue us over patents too

03/09/2010, 08:03 pm

Former chief executive of Sun Jonathan Schwartz has accused Steve Jobs of threatening patent action against his company in 2003, related to desktop OS technologies, in a long blog post that highlights a series of tech patent squabbles.


Apple's patent 'warning shots' prove disruptive for handset makers

03/09/2010, 09:03 am

Before Apple publicly sued HTC, the iPhone maker privately had "blunt conversations" with other smartphone companies, amounting to legal threats that have proven disruptive to the roadmaps of would-be iPhone killers, according to a new report.


Google backs HTC in what could be 'long and bloody battle' with Apple

03/03/2010, 08:03 am

Apple's patent lawsuit against handset maker HTC is predicted by one analyst to be a major clash between the two corporations, with Apple having better than 50-50 odds to come out victorious in protecting its iPhone-related inventions.


Inside Apple's lawsuit against HTC: Nexus One, myTouch cited

03/02/2010, 01:03 pm

Apple has charged handset maker HTC with infringing upon a number of patented iPhone hardware and software features, alleging that functionality within the Google Android operating system and use of hardware decoders in Windows Mobile handsets are at fault.


Apple sues HTC for alleged infringement of 20 iPhone patents [u]

03/02/2010, 09:03 am

Apple on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against rival handset maker HTC over the alleged infringement of 20 patents related to the iPhone's user interface, underlying architecture and hardware [updated with specific patents].


Steve Jobs wins 'personality of the year' at Mobile World Congress

02/17/2010, 07:02 am

Though Apple and its co-founder were not present at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Steve Jobs took top honors at the event, being named "Mobile Industry Personality of the Year."


IDC: Apple iPhone was No. 3 smartphone in 2009 with 14.4% of market

02/04/2010, 12:02 pm

Apple's smartphone market share increased by more than 5 percent in 2009 as total iPhone shipments surged by a massive 81.9 percent over 2008, a study released Thursday shows.


Apple's iPhone captures 17% of worldwide smartphone market

11/12/2009, 09:11 am

In less than two and a half years on the market, Apple's iPhone has managed nearly a fifth of the total global smartphone market, thanks to nearly 50 percent year-over-year growth in sales in the third quarter of 2009.


Apple leads international smartphone market growth

08/12/2009, 09:08 am

Sales of iPhones increased more than sixfold during the second quarter of 2009, helping Apple maintain its ranking as the third largest smartphone maker worldwide, according to a new report.


iPhone behind only Nokia and RIM in global smartphone share

03/11/2009, 05:03 pm

Apple maintained the third place position in global unit sales of smartphones, but was passed up by Microsoft's Windows Mobile to become the fourth largest smartphone vendor in terms of operating system platforms as it continues to lead the industry in year over year growth.


Microsoft: HTC has made 80% of all Windows Mobile phones

02/18/2009, 09:02 pm

While playing up the fact that 50 phone makers around the world have licensed the company's Windows Mobile platform, Microsoft inadvertently let it slip out that a full 80% of all Windows Mobile phones ever made have actually come from a single maker: HTC.


First Android phone with iPhone-like virtual keyboard debuts

02/17/2009, 01:02 pm

HTC on Tuesday formally introduced "Magic," the first Android-powered handset to lack a physical keyboard in a bid to challenge the style of Apple's iPhone.