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Topic: iLife

Apple updates iPhoto to fix data loss bug, modifies iTunes sidebar

10/29/2010, 11:10 pm

Apple released Friday an update to iPhoto to resolve a data loss problem that can occur when upgrading one's library to iPhoto '11. The company also quietly modified the sidebar in its iTunes software to bring back Genius Recommendations.


Apple unveils iLife '11 with major updates to iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand

10/20/2010, 01:10 pm

Apple on Wednesday unveiled the latest version of its iLife software suite, with the 2011 edition including new versions of three included applications: iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand.


Sources reveal Apple's 'Back to the Mac' lineup with new MacBook Airs

10/20/2010, 01:10 pm

Sources have provided to AppleInsider the new lineup of products set to be announced by Apple in a matter of moments, including a new MacBook Air with a 13.3-inch screen size, up to 256GB of flash memory and a 2.13GHz processor.

3 comments leaks confirmation of iLife '11, new MacBook Airs, more

10/20/2010, 07:10 am

Updates to Apple's official online forums reveal at least some of the products due to be unveiled at today's "Back to the Mac" event, including iLife '11 and a new MacBook Air.


Apple component allocations point to new form factor sub-notebook

10/14/2010, 08:10 am

Activity within Apple's supply chain throughout the better part of 2010 has shown signs that the Mac maker is gearing up to introduce a new notebook that doesn't fit into any of its existing hardware designs, according to one Wall Street analyst.


Apple to hold special 'Back to the Mac' event on October 20th

10/13/2010, 12:10 pm

Apple will hold a special media event next Wednesday to reveal its latest offerings in the Mac space, which may include new MacBook Airs, a preview of Mac OS X 10.7, and an unveiling of iLife and iWork '11.


Apple's MacBook Air supply dries up as rumors of new 11.6-inch model persist

10/06/2010, 12:10 pm

Exclusive: Supplies of Apple's MacBook Air have dried up throughout the company's indirect sales channels, fueling rumors that a significant makeover to the lightweight notebooks is fast approaching.


Book listing claims Apple's iLife '11 will be 64-bit, iOS compatible

10/04/2010, 07:10 am

A description for a forthcoming book on iLife '11 says that Apple's forthcoming software suite will be entirely in 64 bits, include a rewritten iWeb, will ditch iDVD, and will also be available for iOS devices.


Apple rumored to be building FaceTime software for Mac, Windows

09/10/2010, 08:09 am

Apple plans to extend FaceTime video chat beyond the latest iPhone and iPod touch, bringing compatibility with both Macs and PCs, according to a new rumor.


iLife '11 Family Pack from Apple, Parallels 6 both spotted early

09/06/2010, 09:09 am

Evidence of Apple's long-awaited iLife update has appeared via retailer, with a new $99 Family Pack for iLife '11 listed for availability in the next two to four weeks, while Parallels 6 has appeared on one retail store's shelves.


64-bit iLife '11 said to arrive in August with a 'mystery' application

07/26/2010, 10:07 am

Apple's iLife '11 suite will launch in August for $79, with all included applications being 64-bit, including a new "mystery" addition, a rumor suggests.


Purported Apple tablet pictures leak at last minute [u]

01/27/2010, 10:01 am

A series of photos shared just hours before Apple's product unveiling show an iPhone-like interface on a larger, higher-resolution screen, representing either an internal leak or a convincing fake [Updated with alleged back shell photos].


Tablet, iPhone OS 4.0, iLife 2010 'confirmed' for Apple event - report

01/18/2010, 03:01 pm

A new report Monday from cites an anonymous source to claim Apple will introduce its tablet, "iPhone 4" and iLife 2010 at next week's event.


Review: WiFi-enabled Eye-Fi Geo SD card tags Places for iPhoto

09/26/2009, 12:09 pm

The $60 Eye-Fi Geo card packs a WiFi transmitter into a standard 2GB SD memory card, geotagging pictures as you take them and allowing wireless photo uploads from your camera.


Apple releases updates for iLife '09 and iWork '09

03/26/2009, 05:03 pm

Apple on Thursday afternoon released updates for all the component applications of its new iLife '09 digital lifestyle suite with the exception of iDVD. It also released a recommended update for iWork '09. Full details and download links follow.


Briefly: Apple prepping new Snow Leopard, iWeb, ARD updates

03/05/2009, 07:03 pm

The news vacuum that's followed Apple's Mac desktop refresh offers space for some updates on the company's software-related efforts, which should soon produce new builds of Snow Leopard. Meanwhile, minor updates to iWeb, Remote Desktop, and other OS X components are also reportedly in the works.


iLife '09 not fully compatible with PowerPC Macs

02/04/2009, 10:02 am

Apple is slowly dropping PowerPC compatibility with its latest software releases as evidenced by a major new feature of iLife '09 that will function only on Intel-based Macs.


iDVD hung out to dry as Apple pushes movies online

01/28/2009, 04:01 pm

One of the original pillars of Apple's iLife suite, iDVD, has increasingly been given the cold shoulder to the point where it is not even depicted on the retail package anymore. How much longer will the app stick around now that the company has focused on pushing media sharing online?


Apple equipping all Macs with iLife '09 for Tuesday launch

01/26/2009, 10:01 am

Apple will officially launch iLife '09 this Tuesday and is in the process of making sure that each new Mac that leaves its retail or online stores will include a copy of the new digital lifestyle software.


Apple pushing 17-inch MacBook Pro deliveries near March

01/22/2009, 08:01 pm

Initially promised for the end of January, the unibody version of Apple's largest notebook is moving gradually towards a late February ship date or later for more recent buyers.