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Topic: iOS 5

Apple's WWDC 2011 keynote video stream now available

06/06/2011, 05:06 pm

Monday's keynote event at the 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference, including the unveiling of iOS 5 and iCloud and a closer look at Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, is now available online.


Apple unveils 'PC-free' iOS 5 with wireless updates, Notification Center, coming this fall

06/06/2011, 01:06 pm

The wraps were taken off the next iPhone and iPad operating system update on Monday, as Apple unveiled iOS 5, packing 200 new user features, an all-new Notification Center, the new iMessage application, and a PC-free design that finally cuts the cable.


WWDC expected to highlight Apple's focus on being better, not first to market

06/06/2011, 09:06 am

Apple is not usually the first company to introduce a product or service, but takes its time to ensure it's better than the competition -- a view that one prominent Wall Street analyst expects to be the defining characteristic of this today's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.


WWDC attendees line up overnight for first glimpse at Apple's iOS 5, Lion, iCloud

06/06/2011, 08:06 am

Little is known and anticipation is high before Monday's keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference from Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, prompting conference attendees to wait in line overnight for the anticipated event.


iTunes leak suggests Automatic Download option coming to iOS 5

06/04/2011, 12:06 am

Hints at an upcoming Automatic Download feature for iOS apps have emerged in iTunes, according to a new report.


Apple hires iPhone jailbreak notification developer for iOS team at corporate HQ

06/03/2011, 03:06 pm

A software programmer who wrote a jailbreak application that would replace and improve upon Apple's own iPhone notification system has been hired by Apple, AppleInsider can confirm.


Apple investigating dynamic location-, traffic-aware iPhone calendar alerts

06/02/2011, 08:06 am

Future iPhone software could provide dynamic, GPS-enabled calendar alerts and alarms that could identify a user's location and offer relevant information, such as estimated travel time.


iCloud preannouncement leads Wall Street to expect big things from Apple at WWDC

06/01/2011, 08:06 am

After Apple tipped its hand on Tuesday and revealed it will unveil its new iCloud service next week, Wall Street analysts believe the company has set the stage for a strong software-focused Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.


Apple rumored to add system-wide Twitter integration to iOS 5

05/31/2011, 11:05 pm

As rumors swirl of an upcoming image service from Twitter, a new report alleges that Apple will participate as a major launch partner with system-wide support in iOS 5.


Steve Jobs to present iCloud, iOS 5, Lion at Apple's June 6 WWDC keynote

05/31/2011, 08:05 am

Apple announced on Tuesday that in less than a week, Chief Executive Steve Jobs will return to the stage, along with a team of company executives, to present Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and iOS 5 -- and to introduce its new iCloud service.


Apple rumored to add widgets, revamped notifications to iOS 5

05/27/2011, 03:05 pm

Apple will unveil a new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5, at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, featuring widgets and a revamped notification system, a new report claims.


Apple's iPhone PR team reportedly inviting UK press to cover WWDC

05/25/2011, 04:05 pm

Representatives of Apple's iPhone public relations team are reportedly contacting British journalists in an effort to get them to attend the company's Worldwide Developer Conference keynote in early June.


Rumor: iOS 5 won't run on Apple's iPhone 3GS

05/24/2011, 03:05 pm

A new rumor claims that Apple's next-generation mobile operating system, iOS 5, won't run on the iPhone 3GS first released in 2009 and still sold as the entry-level iPhone.


Apple's iOS 5 rumored to have 'deep' voice command integration

03/29/2011, 08:03 am

A new rumor claims Apple plans to vastly improve voice commands on devices like the iPhone and iPad with the anticipated release of iOS 5 later this year.


No new iPhone hardware expected at Apple's software-centric WWDC - report

03/28/2011, 10:03 am

Apple is not expected to introduce a new iPhone at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference in June, as it has done in years past, and will instead focus on software for the 2011 show, according to a new report.


Apple to kick off Worldwide Developers Conference June 6 in San Francisco

03/28/2011, 08:03 am

Apple announced on Monday that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where it has traditionally introduced the next generation iPhone, this year from June 6 through June 10 at San Francisco's Moscone West.


Rumor: Apple may not release cloud-based iOS 5 until this fall

03/27/2011, 01:03 pm

According to a new rumor, Apple plans to release iOS 5, the next major update to its mobile operating system, at a later-than-usual date, arriving this fall with long-rumored cloud-based features for online storage of music, photos and video.


Apple rumored to unveil iOS 5, new MobileMe at media event in early April

03/08/2011, 04:03 pm

A new rumor claims Apple will hold its annual iOS roadmap event in early April to show off iOS 5 as expected, but also states the company will also unveil an updated MobileMe service.