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Topic: iPhone 3.0 Software

Apple's next-gen iPhone power amp; NASA chemical sensor app

11/13/2009, 01:11 pm

Apple has reportedly selected a new power amplifier supplier for a new, forthcoming model of the iPhone; and a NASA scientist has used the iPhone to create a chemical sensor.


Apple looks to hire new iPhone OS security manager

11/05/2009, 02:11 pm

As hackers continue to exploit the iPhone platform to run unauthorized code, Apple is in the process of hiring a new security manager to help lock down its mobile operating system.


iPhone accessories can prompt automatic App Store downloads

09/29/2009, 09:09 am

At least one third-party iPhone and iPod touch hardware accessory now reportedly takes advantage of the 3.0 software connectivity with automatic App Store download prompts.


Apple aware of iPhone OS 3.0 e-mail security bug

08/18/2009, 09:08 am

The act of deleting an e-mail within iPhone OS 3.0 isn't enough to destroy its contents, and Apple is reportedly aware of the flaw and could be working on a fix.


iPhone found ready for enterprise, better than BlackBerry

04/13/2009, 07:04 pm

A close study has shown that opening the doors to iPhones at large-scale business has not only made workers happier but has often saved money over competing smartphones in the process.


iPhone 3.0 beta caught hiding video editing graphics?

04/05/2009, 04:04 pm

The founder of Austrian site claims to have found multiple unused graphical controls that relate directly to video editing. Among the controls are grab points that would let users define the start and end of clips as well as repeating, tile graphics and references to an 'edit bar.'