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Topic: iPhone.Verizon

Verizon iPhone would hurt AT&T less than expected - report

09/21/2010, 02:09 am

A new survey of iPhone owners, which revealed that 23% of AT&T's iPhone owners want to switch to Verizon, alleviates fears about AT&T's stability after it loses U.S. iPhone exclusivity.


Verizon CDMA iPhone currently undergoing testing by Apple - rumor

08/11/2010, 08:08 pm

A new rumor suggests Apple is testing a CDMA iPhone, code-named N92, that would work on the Verizon network.


iPhone sales predicted to top 80 million by 2012

08/19/2009, 09:08 am

New reports forecast that Apple will sell 50 million phones in 2011, and more than 80 million in 2012, as worldwide expansion and popularity of the iPhone continues to grow.