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Topic: MobileMe

Apple strikes deal with Sony for streaming iTunes music service - report

05/20/2011, 12:05 am

Apple has reportedly inked a licensing deal with Sony Corp.'s music division to begin offering the label's catalog in the cloud, leaving Universal Music Group as the last holdout among the major record labels.


Apple signs licensing deal with EMI for iTunes cloud service

05/18/2011, 11:05 pm

Music industry sources claim that Apple has signed a cloud-music licensing agreement with music label EMI and is "very near" to completing deals with Universal and Sony, according to a new report.


Apple developing advanced 'media streaming engine' for iOS, Mac OS

05/17/2011, 02:05 pm

Apple employees are at work on improved media streaming technology at the company's Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, as rumors of a so-called "iCloud" service continue to pick up steam.


Music labels expect Apple's 'iCloud' to be gold standard ahead of Google, Amazon

05/11/2011, 01:05 pm

Though Amazon and Google beat Apple to the punch by launching their own cloud-based music streaming services, record labels are reportedly hopeful that Apple's rumored "iCloud," backed by licensing deals, will be the better product.


Fortune's 'Inside Apple' describes a furious Steve Jobs after MobileMe launch

05/08/2011, 09:05 pm

The shaky debut of Apple's revamped cloud service MobileMe in 2008 prompted Chief Executive Steve Jobs to chastise those responsible for the service, Fortune's new "Inside Apple" feature reveals.


Hints of new 'Castle' codenamed iCloud service found in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

05/01/2011, 05:05 am

Strong evidence of Apple's upcoming iCloud service has been found in the form of a feature hidden within in a developer build of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion that allows a MobileMe account to be migrated to a codenamed "Castle" service.


Sources: Apple utilizing 'iCloud' internally, service to be more than music

04/29/2011, 11:04 am

Apple has begun adopting the "iCloud" name within several products currently under development, suggesting the appropriately labeled moniker is indeed the frontrunner for the company's soon-to-debut Internet cloud service, which will span beyond streaming music, AppleInsider has learned.


Apple's purchase of domain 'confirmed'

04/29/2011, 08:04 am

Apple is said to have indeed bought the domain for its forthcoming cloud-based iTunes music streaming service, though the rumored $4.5 million purchase price remains unconfirmed.


Apple may have purchased domain for $4.5M - rumor

04/28/2011, 03:04 am

In what may serve as further evidence of an impending cloud-based iTunes service, a new report claims Apple has purchased the domain from the Swedish company Xcerion for $4.5 million.


Apple's iTunes cloud could be free at first, but will eventually require a fee

04/26/2011, 01:04 pm

Apple has reportedly told music executives that its cloud-based iTunes streaming service could be offered for free at first, but the company eventually plans to charge customers for hosting content on its servers.


Apple reportedly signs licenses with major music labels for iTunes streaming

04/22/2011, 01:04 am

A new report claims that Apple has succeeded in procuring deals with at least two of the four big music labels in the last two months, possibly signaling that the rumored iTunes streaming music service is imminent.


Greenpeace 'dirty data' report criticizes Apple's NC data center

04/21/2011, 10:04 pm

A recent report by environmental watchdog Greenpeace on energy practices in cloud computing called out Apple for relying on "dirty" energy for its $1 billion data center in Maiden, NC.


Apple's cloud-based iTunes music streaming service is 'completed' - report

04/21/2011, 04:04 pm

Apple is said to have "completed work" on its long-rumored cloud-based iTunes music streaming service, which will allow users to access their entire collection of music from any Internet-connected device.


Apple woos data center guru away from Microsoft for cloud services

04/14/2011, 01:04 pm

The man who helped build data centers for Microsoft's cloud operations is said to have left the Redmond, Wash., software giant to work for Apple.


Apple assembling small team to build 'the future of cloud services'

04/13/2011, 11:04 am

Apple is building a small team to write software which will lay the groundwork for the company's future Web services, which it has advertised as "the future" of its cloud-based offerings.


Amazon's Cloud Drive faces music industry backlash

03/29/2011, 04:03 pm

While ostensibly beating Apple and Google to market with its music locker service, Amazon's new Cloud Drive online music streaming service was launched before licenses from music owners were in place, threatening a new legal battle.


Rumors of new, free MobileMe service from Apple next month gain steam

03/18/2011, 01:03 pm

Apple could introduce a complete revamp of its MobileMe internet service as early as next month that would be completely free for customers of the company's hardware devices, marking a departure and depreciation of the existing service which retails for $99 per year.


Apple rumored to enter new collaboration with Canon

03/09/2011, 08:03 pm

Apple is said to be teaming up with Canon in a new partnership related to photography, although details are scant.


Apple rumored to unveil iOS 5, new MobileMe at media event in early April

03/08/2011, 04:03 pm

A new rumor claims Apple will hold its annual iOS roadmap event in early April to show off iOS 5 as expected, but also states the company will also unveil an updated MobileMe service.


Apple discontinues sale of MobileMe retail boxes as overhaul looms

02/24/2011, 12:02 pm

Apple on Thursday removed the $99 MobileMe product from its online store and notified resellers that it has discontinued the retail box for its cloud-based syncing product, suggesting the company is prepared to launch a rumored overhaul of the service.