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Topic: Montevina

Future MacBook Pro-bound Intel chips due next spring [u]

10/23/2008, 01:10 pm

The next time Apple will have the opportunity to boost the processor specifications of its MacBook Pro line will be next spring, when Intel pushes out a final update to its Montevina platform consisting of two high-performance mobile chips, according to reports.


Due next from Apple: refreshed 20- and 24-inch iMacs

10/17/2008, 06:10 pm

Assuming last minute snags are avoided, the coming weeks should bring new iMacs, rounding out Apple's 2008 hardware introductions as the company enters the holiday shopping season with one of its strongest product portfolios ever.


Apple's next-gen Macs to have something special under the hood

07/28/2008, 03:07 pm

A new generation of personal computers on the way from Apple Inc. may sport some of the most significant architectural changes since the Mac maker made the jump from PowerPC processors to those manufactured by Intel Corp., AppleInsider has learned.


Intel says first quad-core mobile chips on the horizon

07/15/2008, 09:07 am

Apple chip supplier Intel said this week it's nearing the release of the industry's first mobile chips with four processing cores and is separately putting the finishing touches on a new generation of processors for ultra-thin notebooks like Apple's new MacBook Air.


Confirmed Intel delay will push back MacBook overhauls

05/28/2008, 01:05 pm

Intel Corp. has confirmed that it will delay volume shipments of its upcoming "Montevina" Centrino 2 mobile platform by as much as two months, which will push a release of Apple's redesigned MacBook notebooks to late summer at the earliest.


Component report pins MacBook overhaul for third quarter

05/16/2008, 10:05 am

The next update to Apple Inc.'s line of 13-inch MacBook consumer portables will arrive sometime during the third quarter of the year, Far Eastern component suppliers are reported to have revealed.


WSJ on touch BlackBerry; Intel 4-core; T-Mobile at 100K iPhones

05/15/2008, 06:05 pm

A report by the Wall Street Journal further kindles rumors of a touchscreen BlackBerry going toe-to-toe with the iPhone this year. Meanwhile, T-Mobile Germany reports selling more than 100,000 iPhones since launch, Singapore Airlines offers passengers iPhone- and iPod-friendly in-seat entertainment, and Intel's first quad-core notebook chip may fit systems like the MacBook Pro.


Apple notebook lines to see major design changes, sources say

04/07/2008, 12:04 pm

Apple Inc.'s existing MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks will be the last of their breed, as both product families are destined for major design changes upon their next refresh, AppleInsider has learned.


Intel to launch first quad-core notebook chip by Fall

03/17/2008, 10:03 am

Intel is readying its first quad-core mobile processor for a release during the third quarter of 2008, though elevated pricing and power requirements make it seem unlikely that the chip will immediately find its way in Apple's notebook systems.


Next Apple notebook refresh rumored for June

02/27/2008, 12:02 pm

The next update to Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro family of notebook computers could come as early as June, according to a series of reports.


Next-gen Intel notebook chips to exceed 3.0GHz

02/18/2008, 10:02 am

Intel this spring will launch its next-generation Centrino notebook platform alongside a half dozen new 45 nanometer mobile chips that will eventually make their way into Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro offerings.


MacBook Air's processor riddle solved

01/17/2008, 09:01 pm

Apple's new MacBook Air subnotebook raised eyebrows by using a mysterious new, ultra-compact Core 2 Duo processor. New research, however, reveals it to be a blend of old and new technology designed to make few sacrifices.


Intel to grow next-gen notebook chip offerings

01/11/2008, 10:01 am

Intel Corp. plans to extend its upcoming Montevina platform to include two new classes of chips that will allow system manufacturers like Apple to build a variety of new and low-power notebook systems, according to a published report.