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Topic: PlayBook

82% of future tablet buyers say they'll choose Apple's iPad

03/10/2011, 02:03 pm

A new survey shows Apple poised to dominate the tablet market yet again in 2011 with the iPad 2, as 82 percent of future tablet buyers said they would choose Apple's iPad over competing options like the Motorola Xoom and RIM PlayBook.


Microsoft, RIM plan services to compete with Apple's iTunes

03/09/2011, 08:03 am

Two of Apple's chief rivals are working on their own separate services to compete with iTunes, as Research in Motion has partnered with 7digital for its PlayBook tablet, and Microsoft is cooking up a secret project dubbed "Ventura."


T-Mobile pans lack of 4G in Apple iPhone; more evidence of Android apps for RIM PlayBook

02/28/2011, 11:02 am

U.S. carrier T-Mobile has criticized the iPhone for not including a 4G radio, even though its own network is not even true "4G." Also, new evidence supports rumors that Research in Motion's iPad competing PlayBook tablet will run Android applications, despite not running Android.


RIM to craft PlayBook to run Android apps but fears Oracle lawsuit

02/10/2011, 08:02 pm

RIM plans to add support for running existing Android 2.x apps on its upcoming PlayBook tablet to narrow its "app gap," but also fears retribution from Oracle were it to use Android's Dalvik Virtual Machine to do so.


Apple's share of tablet market slides to 77%, Android rises to 22% [u]

01/31/2011, 06:01 am

Despite posting impressive sales of the iPad last quarter, Apple saw its tablet market share drop from 95 percent to 77 percent as shipments of Google Android-based tablets chipped away at the company's tablet dominance, a new report says.


RIM PlayBook only garnering half the prelaunch interest of iPad

01/25/2011, 03:01 pm

An analyst's survey of 1,100 consumers found just 6 percent reporting they are "likely" to buy RIM's new playbook, less than half the number who said the same of Apple's iPad last February.


Why high resolution screens matter for Apple's iPad 2

01/17/2011, 09:01 pm

Substantiated rumors of the next generation iPad using a vastly higher resolution 2048x1536 display are drawing some to question why the iPad would even need such a dense pixel count, which is much higher than even Apple's 17 inch MacBook Pro. The answer relates to resolution independence.


1M BlackBerry PlayBooks, Wikipedia founder calls App Store 'dangerous,' iPad 2 cameras

01/14/2011, 12:01 am

A report out of the Far East claims volume production of Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will reach 1 million shipments in the first quarter of 2011, while Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales criticized Apple's App Store as "very dangerous" and a threat to Internet freedom. Finally, more evidence that cameras are coming to Apple's second-generation iPad has been discovered in the iOS 4.3 beta.


CES: Analysts grow skeptical of iPad competitors due to iTunes

01/07/2011, 03:01 pm

Two analysts monitoring the tablet extravaganza at CES have issued reports indicating that euphoria about new tablets outside of Apple's iPad may fall short of expectations because those products lack the iPad's extensive App Store software library and access to the wide range of media in the "digital ecosystem" of iTunes.


RIM announces 4G PlayBook coming to Sprint summer 2011

01/06/2011, 01:01 am

Research in Motion has revealed plans to release a 4G version of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet this summer on the Sprint Nextel network, according to a new report.


RIM PlayBook unlikely to match Apple iPad without larger battery - report

01/04/2011, 12:01 pm

Research in Motion's forthcoming PlayBook tablet is said to be "unlikely" to match the 10-plus-hour battery life of Apple's iPad, and could even struggle to meet the 6 hours of the Samsung Galaxy Tab without "significant engineering."


RIM denies PlayBook tablet battery issues, promises "superior performance"

12/30/2010, 03:12 am

In response to one Wall Street's analyst assertion that the upcoming PlayBook tablet was experiencing battery issues, Research In Motion responded with a statement denying the claim and promising "superior performance with comparable battery life."


RIM struggling to fix PlayBook tablet battery issues, analyst says

12/28/2010, 07:12 pm

Research in Motion is unable to match the iPad's longer battery life with its prototype PlayBook tablets, which get just a "few hours" of battery life, according to one analyst.


Report claims RIM was incredulous over Apple's original iPhone

12/27/2010, 12:12 pm

An alleged former employee of Research in Motion has revealed that RIM was incredulous over the original iPhone when Apple first unveiled the smartphone in January of 2007, according to a new report.


RIM posts impressive earnings, co-CEO says PlayBook "way ahead" of iPad

12/16/2010, 10:12 pm

After Research in Motion beat Wall Street expectations with its quarterly earnings Thursday, co-CEO Jim Balsillie asserted on the company's earnings call that the upcoming PlayBook 7-inch tablet is way ahead of Apple's iPad.


RIM shows PlayBook tablet, will not undercut iPad in price

12/08/2010, 02:12 pm

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has started showing its new PlayBook to developers, releasing more details about the new prototype device including the fact that it will not undercut the iPad in price as was recently rumored.