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Topic: Research in Motion

BlackBerry Storm debuts with app store, Mac suite on the way

10/07/2008, 08:10 pm

Research in Motion has launched its very first touchscreen smartphone -- and promises to shadow Apple's iTunes App Store while also providing an official utility to sync its phones with Macs.


New BlackBerry suffering same 3G connection drops as iPhone

08/26/2008, 07:08 am

Cellular access woes initially pinned on the iPhone 3G's particular hardware now appear likely to be thwarting the BlackBerry Bold's debut with AT&T, according to a new report .


HSBC bank may ditch BlackBerry for 200,000 iPhones - report

08/13/2008, 12:08 pm

In what would surely be a blow Research in Motion, HSBC is considering a move that would strip its employees of their BlackBerry handsets and equip them with some 200,000 Apple iPhones instead.


Inside MobileMe: Apple's Push vs Exchange, BlackBerry, Google

08/11/2008, 11:08 am

Apple's MobileMe provides mobile device push and an innovative Wide-Area Bonjour push sync mechanism for securely updating desktop clients over the Internet. There's currently nothing identical to the service on other platforms, but there is some feature overlap with Microsoft's Exchange Server in corporate settings, RIM's BlackBerry mobile push messaging, and web-based service offerings from Google and others. Here's a look at how MobileMe compares in price and features.


Apple, Palm among the targets in GSM smartphone lawsuit

08/05/2008, 06:08 pm

A small patent licensing firm hopes to skim profits from Apple and other top smartphone makers by suing them for allegedly violating no less than ten patents relating to GSM phone technology and voice encoding.


Microsoft 10K warns of iPhone, Mac threats as iPhone nears 1.1% share

08/03/2008, 10:08 am

A Microsoft filing with the US government reveals a newfound worry that the Windows developer's traditional stance of selling software alone won't work against an increasingly profitable Apple -- a concern that may magnify as iPhone 3G pushes Apple's cellular market share past one percent worldwide.


Inside iPhone 2.0: iPhone 3G vs. other smartphones

08/01/2008, 09:08 am

As detailed in the previous segment introducing its hardware features, the second generation iPhone 3G catches up with two of the largest competitive features offered by other higher-end smartphones: faster 3G network access and GPS. Here's a look at how Apple's smartphone compares in other areas, as well as how it stacks up against the original iPhone. (Comparison chart on page 3).


RIM's iPhone rival rumored for October with Rhapsody tie-in

07/29/2008, 03:07 pm

Blackberry maker Research In Motion is reported to be readying Thunder, its answer to Apple's iPhone, for an October release alongside a partnership with Real's Rhapsody music service.


BlackBerry maker downgraded in light of blistering iPhone sales

07/16/2008, 02:07 pm

Although it believes Research In Motion's dominance of the enterprise market remains secure for the time being, Needham & Co. downgraded shares of the BlackBerry maker this week, explaining that the same cannot be said for its primary growth driver of the past two years -- the consumer market.


Apple now the world's No. 3 smartphone vendor

06/06/2008, 02:06 pm

Apple during the first quarter of 2008 rode the booming smartphone market to sales of more than 1.7 million iPhones, good enough to make it the No. 3 manufacturer of multi-function handsets worldwide, according to a report released Friday by market research firm Gartner.


Swiss iPhone rumor; BlackBerry Thunder; Apple gay-friendly

05/13/2008, 07:05 pm

Switzerland will be yet another carrier offering the 3G iPhone, claims a local newspaper. Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced of a "true" iPhone-slaying touchscreen BlackBerry; Google has launched a new iPhone reader beta; a study finds the iPhone still a small player on the web; and Apple has been deemed of the friendliest brands for gays and lesbians.


BlackBerry Bold stands as 3G iPhone's chief rival

05/12/2008, 07:05 pm

With the announcement of the first 3G BlackBerry compatible with the same high-speed networks as the upcoming 3G iPhone, Research in Motion has set itself up for what will likely be the defining smartphone battle of 2008.