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Tidbits: QuarkXpress 6.5, photo iPod, headless Mac, wireless video

QuarkXpress 6.5 in October

True to reports, Quark on Tuesday announced QuarkXpress 6.5, boasting several new features that were previously revealed in a August AppleInsider report.

In its press release, Quark states that the software will be available in the next 30 days as a free upgrade to registered owners. According to the usual suspects, the company has its heart set on releasing the software during the last week of October, with an official rollout currently scheduled for Thursday the 28th.

Photo iPod Manufacturing

The next version of Apple's popular iPod digital music player will indeed sport a larger (60GB) hard drive, 2-inch color screen, and photo viewing capabilities. This we never doubted. But why the player has been sluggish to follow its 20 and 40GB cousins to market remains an enigma.

Apple is now reportedly in the process building the new 60GB iPods overseas, but has been met with mediocre manufacturing results. According to tipsters, a complication stemming from the 60GB Toshiba hard drives (not the iPod) has slowed production of the units. "[It's] not going as well as they expected," said one well-placed source, who offered no further details. The issue is not believed to be a critical one.

Rumor: Headless Mac in Development?

Macintouch--a long time Mac news site that has prided itself in steering away from questionable or rumor-based content for the last 10 years--recently cited a source that claims Apple is developing a "tiny computer" sans monitor. Without commenting further, we welcome our readers to duke this one out in the forums. [See Macintouch Oct. 6th edition]

Airport Express AV?

Popular rumor had it that just prior to the release of Apple's Airport Express base-station, the company was toying with a similar product that added wireless video capabilities. So it's interesting that tipsters are now pointing to a "WirelessVideoOutput.oxygene" plug-in that has found its way into the contents of Apple's recent iDVD software offerings.